On What TGNM is About…

My name is Al, and this is a paste from the “About” section detailing what this blog is about, which is basically addressing the sheer lunacy of the following paragraph:

I was born in England, on the Patron Saint of Ireland’s day, to Scottish parents living in Wales. I grew up in a village between Manchester and Liverpool, attended a Lancashire high-school then a Yorkshire uni, then moved to a Mandarin-speaking megalopolis in Cantonese China where I am now living as the token Brit in a rowdy American expat community. I have been a teacher and program coordinator, and at the moment split my time between being a quasi-correspondent, musical dogsbody and a copywriter for a Dubaiian-Taiwanese firm with Syrian, Filipino, Egyptian and Siberian colleagues where my job is to write in English for Saudi and African markets. Simply put, I am all over the place.

I’m a musician with neither the talent nor the perseverance to make a real go of it, a writer just realising creativity is much more important than highfalutin words, a technophile whose mere presence makes expensive gadgets flicker and die and an art fan who never moved beyond turning school diaries into flipbooks and causing stickmen no end of misery. I am however tall and well-travelled – stone, moss, etc – which I feel gives me an entirely unique over(ha)view. With each post I’ll try and loosely address the following:

  • How the world gets from here to there without nuking itself out of sheer tedium
  • How much we will all have to, or are indeed willing to, change in that process
  • If what has gone before inevitably dictates what is coming next
  • How multiculturalism – or rather cross-culturalism – does and doesn’t work
  • How to want to be better
  • How all the tiny local cogs fit into the global machine
  • What the damn machine actually does in the first place

I am also going to use every opportunity to take the piss out of myself while doing so, because blogging is very much the past-time of a po-faced, narcissistic bellend.


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