On Those Leaving China (and Kleptocracy)…

Life has been its usual tricky self and has got in the way of posts recently, apologies. The year is winding up, and I’ve been having too much fun to blog. Essentially, it’s the end of season. Right now a great many (if not almost all) of my friends living here in China are either leaving or back home already. I’m getting left behind for a month as I try to earn just a few more of those mythical renminbis before I too bugger off and it is a bittersweet feeling. I’m having a great time saying goodbye to everyone (lots of music, lots of parties, lots of Qingdao) but I feel more than a bit gloomy at having to be the one who stays on, alone. It won’t be that bad, and I only have a month or so left, but it will be a good feeling to get my feet back on UK soil (and also to tell my useless, opportunistic, parasitic, idiotic, inefficient and wholly disrespectful job where to stick it). I shouldn’t complain, as I’ll be travelling in Europe a fair bit July/August which will be very interesting to look at through a lens smogged up with 3 years’ worth of China experiences, but complain nonetheless I shall.

To all the people I’ve met; those who I’ve drank, ate, played, sang, ran, drank, laughed, derped, swam, bitched, geeked, moaned, whined, argued, cheated, conned, swindled, stolen from, grudgingly paid and generally gotten into shenanigans with over the course of this year (and indeed, all three years), you are – to a fault – brilliant. I will miss you all far more than I care to admit.

Also, despite my attempts to be nice about China (I shall, soon…) this article is just too good to pass up. It’s about how China is full of cheats, conmen, swindlers, thieves and vagabonds. Essential reading.


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